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Vijayanand Telugu Movie Review: Dr. Vijay Sankeshwar’s life is the subject of the Kannada biopic Vijayanand, which was released on December 9, 2022 in all major languages. As we all know, Kannada movies are popular for their strong stories, so without further ado, let’s dive into the review to see if the movie is worth seeing.

Vijayanand Telugu Movie Review


A 19-year-old boy named Vijay Sankeshwar (played by Nihal) left home and arrived in Gadag, a small city in the heart of North Karnataka, to achieve something. Despite many obstacles, he decided to start a transport business, and he began his venture with one vehicle. Ultimately, how he became the owner of 4300 vehicles and what challenges he faced to get there is what the story of Vijayanand is about.

Cast & Crew

Anish Kuruvilla, V Ravichandran, Nihal, Shri Anant Nag, Bharath Bopanna, Siri Prahalad, Vinaya Prasad, Ramesh Bhat, Dayal Padmanabhan, Shine Shetty, and Archana Cottage, The film was produced by Anand Sankeshwar, directed by Rishika Sharma, with music by Gopi Sundar and cinematography by Keertan Poojary.

Movie NameVijayanand
DirectorRishika Sharma
Music DirectorGopi Sundar
ProducerAnand Sankeshwar
GenreBiographical Drama
CastShri Anant Nag, Nihal, Bharath Bopanna, Siri Prahalad, Vinaya Prasad, Prakash Belwadi, V Ravichandran, Anish Kuruvilla, Ramesh Bhat, Dayal Padmanabhan, Shine Shetty, and Archana Cottage
CinematographyKeertan Poojary

Movie Verdict

We’ve seen many biopics over the years where a man with many dreams leaves his home and moves to the city to accomplish something, encounters many challenges along the way, but eventually succeeds in building an empire and inspiring others. However, while the situations in each biopic are unique, the story here has a non-linear screenplay and begins by intriguingly describing Vijay Sankeshwar’s success before delving into his past. Nevertheless, despite the predictable events, the setup and tone draw you in and keep you watching.

In the second half, when Vijay Sankeshwar starts competing with others, the real narrative begins. The film has many flaws as many scenes were not placed well as it does not seem like they are telling a story rather than just taking pictures of random scenes and places and that was the biggest negative for the film. The director showed the greed and politics of other businessmen to bring him down quite well, but the film lacks interest here and there with a lack of emotion. If the right amount of emotion was placed well in the second half then the film would have been much better. Despite this, there are some aspects of the movie that will appeal to some viewers.

Ananth Nag is effective as Vijay Sankeshwar’s father, Archana Cottage is competent in some scenes, and the rest of the cast all perform admirably. However, Nihal as Vijay Sankeshwar falls short in conveying reality to the character. In accordance with what the tale required, Bharath Bopanna, Siri Prahalad, Vinaya Prasad, Prakash Belwadi, V Ravichandran, Anish Kuruvilla, Ramesh Bhat, Dayal Padmanabhan, and Shine Shetty all performed their roles admirably.

Congratulations to filmmaker Rishika Sharma for inspiring the audience by sharing this little-known narrative, However, Padma Shri winner Dr. Vijay Sankeshwar’s story is good and inspirational as well. However, when presenting the real story on screen, the director must use cinematic liberties to dramatize the scene for the audience to feel. However, Rishika Sharam’s use of cinematic liberties in the film went a bit too far; there are numerous scenes that are heavily commercialized in order to amuse the audience. Nevertheless, she partially succeeded in capturing their attention.

Technically, Vijayanand is good with the exception of a few VFX. Starting with Keertan Poojary’s visuals, lighting, and framing, the film draws you into Vijayanand’s world and transports you along with the narrative. However, Gopi Sundar’s songs didn’t register; they may have worked in Kannada, but the lyrics weren’t appropriate in Telugu. Nevertheless, he was impressed with his background score.

Vijayanand is a marketed biopic overall.

Plus Points:

  • Story
  • Screenplay
  • Art Desing
  • Background Score

Minus Points:

  • Predictable Scenes
  • Over Board Cinematic Liberties
  • Lacks the Emotion

Rating: 2.75/5

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