Top 7 Puri Jagannadh Spotify Podcasts To Lead a Better Life

Top 7 Puri Jagannadh Spotify Podcasts: During the COVID-19 pandemic, Tollywood star director Puri Jagannadh created his own podcast, which he has since continued to cover a wide range of themes. Human emotions, such as fear, guilt, and success, are among the topics he touches on. The following are the top 10 Puri Jagannadh Spotify podcasts to listen to during the Corona outbreak.

Top 7 Puri Jagannadh Spotify Podcasts

Top 7 Puri Jagannadh Spotify Podcasts To Lead a Beautiful Life

#1 Drone

It is one of the greatest Puri Musings by Puri Jagannadh on Spotify podcasts. There is no doubt that this podcast will be beneficial to everyone who is dealing with difficulties in their everyday lives. “Look at the problems from a Drone view, not from the conventional ground view,” advises the podcast. To put it another way, the problem appears smaller when viewed from a higher perspective with a drone.

#2 Comfort Zone

According to the podcast, staying within our comfort zones is a recipe for disaster. The ability to think creatively is enhanced as well as our sense of fulfillment and thrill are both heightened when we take a risk. After all these writings on how to become a Super Star by not taking anything for granted, the Puri Jagannadh Spotify Podcast concludes with this message: “Don’t take anything for granted.”

#3 Money

Puri Jagannadh’s greatest Spotify podcast, Money, focuses on the significance of money in order to lead a happy life. The podcast discusses the relevance of money in our everyday lives. We live in a culture dominated by the concept of money, so it’s crucial for us to understand how it works. If you want to enjoy every day of your life, you must learn to value money and earn enough to do so.

#4 Fear

While it is true that no one is born fearful, the society in which we live, especially our religions, goes a long way toward instilling dread in us. To make matters worse, we were taught to be afraid of God but not to cherish him. With the help of Puri Jagannadh’s incredible Spotify Podcast, we learn how to overcome our fears by keeping a sense of humor and strengthening our bodies and muscles.

#5 Common Sense

Educated people now lack common sense, yet the illiterate still possess it, and this is the world we are abandoning. Accepting failures, being loyal, having a sense of danger, and having the strength of will are all characteristics of common sense, but nowadays the world is ruled by fools. Everyone should leave with some common sense, but not reveal it to individuals who are naive or ignorant.

#6 Older Friends

We can all agree that the time we spent as children with our grandparents and great-grandparents is one of our fondest memories. Because of our hectic schedules as adults, we will miss our former friends. When you have an older friend, you always have a window into what the future holds. Puri advises people to maintain at least a 20-year age gap with an older acquaintance in order to understand how to deal with life’s difficulties.

#7 Anxiety

Nowadays, anxiety is a widespread occurrence, afflicting the majority of the population. Listeners of the Puri Jagannadh Spotify Podcast will learn how to deal with their anxiety by listening to this podcast. Furthermore, he emphasizes the need of reducing stress levels by spending time with pets.

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