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The Gray Man Telugu Movie Review: “The Gray Man” is the most anticipated Hollywood picture in years. Along with Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Indian cinema’s top actor Dhanush was instrumental in piquing Indian audiences’ interest. The film is directed by the Russo Brothers, well known for their work on Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. Let’s get started with the in-depth review if you haven’t seen the film yet.

The Gray Man Telugu Movie Review


A sociopathic ex-colleague places an assassination bounty on the head of the CIA’s most skilled operative, triggering a global manhunt by international mercenaries. THE GRAY MAN is Agent Court Gentry, better known by his codename “Sierra Six.” Gentry was recruited by Donald Fitzroy from the federal prison where he was serving time for murder, and he was a highly-skilled, Agency-approved death dealer. But the tables have turned, and Lloyd Hansen, a former CIA operative who would go to any length to eliminate Six, is on the prowl around the world. Agent Dani Miranda is on their side.

Cast & Crew

Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans star in this romantic comedy, which also stars Dhanush, Ana de Armas, and Jessica Henwick. The Russo Brothers directed the picture, which was produced by Chris Castaldi and Jeff Kirschenbaum. Featuring music by Henry Jackman, photography by Stephen F. Windon, and editing by Jeff Groth and Pietro Scalia,

Movie NameThe Gray Man
DirectorRusso Brothers
Music DirectorHenry Jackman
ProducerChris Castaldi, Jeff Kirschenbaum
GenreAction, Thriller
CastRyan Gosling, Chris Evans, Dhanush, Ana de Armas, Jessica Henwick
EditorJeff Groth and Pietro Scalia


A covert spy and the problems that surround him are typically the focus of Hollywood action flicks. The Gray Man is reminiscent of a James Bond picture in that it travels at breakneck speed and is jam-packed with action. This film contains some excellent performances and action sequences, yet it appears to be a formulaic production. The majority of the sequences are predictable to the ordinary moviegoer, and only a few excite the audience’s interest.

The pairing of Ryan Gosling as Sierra Six and Chris Evans as the cold-blooded and deranged Lloyd Hansen couldn’t be more perfect. Ana de Armas and Jessica Henwick both did an excellent job in their roles. Dhanush’s portrayal of Avik San may fall short of the audience’s expectations, as the character appears to be underdeveloped and appears in only a few action sequences. Fans may be disappointed by his new role. All of the other performers did an excellent job in their roles.

When the action ramps up, Henry Jackman’s music adds exactly the proper amount of suspense. The action moments in this film were faultless, and the production qualities were on par with what you’d expect from a Hollywood movie. The script by director duo Russo Brothers had space for improvement. As the expectations are sky high, it appears to be a little underwhelming, despite some fantastic performances from the important actors.

It’s a film that you can watch for the action but not for the suspense.

Rating: 3/5

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