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Thaggedele Movie Review: As many people are familiar with Dhandupalyam, the trailer for the movie Thaggedele has been generating some buzz for the past few days. This film’s director, Srinivas Raju, also directed Dhandupalyam. Now that the movie has finally been released today, November 4, 2022, let’s dive into an in-depth review to determine whether it is worthwhile to see.

Thaggedele Movie Review


In the novel, a serial homicide occurs in the city, and as the police begin their investigation, they learn that the hero is seeking retribution. What was the hero’s flashback? Why does getting even differ from the rest of the narrative?

Cast & Crew

In the movie Dandupalyam, which was directed by Srinivas Raju and stars Naveen Chandra, Divya Pillai, Ananya Raj, Naina Ganguly, Ravi Shankar, Raja Raveendar, Naga Babu, Ayyappa Sharma, Pooja Gandhi, Makrandh Deshpande, and Ravi Kale, the cinematography was handled by Venkat Prasad, the music was composed by Charan

Movie NameThaggedele
DirectorSrinivas Raju (Dandupalyam)
Music DirectorCharan Arjun
ProducerPrem Kumar Pandey, N Akhilesh Reddy, P V Subba Reddy
CastNaveen Chandra, Divya Pillai, Ananya Raj, Naina Ganguly, Ravi Shankar, Raja Raveendar, Naga Babu, Ayyappa Sharma, Pooja Gandhi, Makrandh Deshpande, Ravi Kale
CinematographyVenkat Prasad

Movie Verdict

The movie begins intriguingly by showcasing serial homicides occurring in the city, but once the plot turns to a love tale, the screenplay’s pacing slows down. However, there are a few things in the first half that might keep viewers interested for a little while, and once the Dhandupalyam gang enters, the second half gets exciting. Despite the fact that their activities have little to do with the plot, it’s still enjoyable to watch them on screen.

The movie has some elements that will connect with youth, but it only partially engages you from beginning to end. If the right amount of emotion had been well-placed, the movie could have been much better. We can experience the Dhandupalyam premise for a while, but I don’t think that will help in the success of the movie.

Aside from Ananya Raj, who looked stunning but had little to do, Ravi Shankar, Raja Ravindra, Naina Ganguly, Naga Babu, and Pooja Gandhi, who all performed admirably in their respective roles, Naveen Chandra, Divya Pillai, and Raja Ravindra all fared well in their roles.

The Dandupalyam films made Srinivas Raju famous, and now, after a long absence, he has produced a love story called This Love Story. However, he included many elements, such as the money laundering that took place at Baba’s and Swamiji, which would have been interesting to see on screen but was not properly incorporated into the screenplay.

Technically, Thaggedele is strong; nevertheless, Chinna’s BGM isn’t up to par, Charan Arjun’s songs weren’t memorable, and the rest of the crew worked well. Venkat Prasad’s cinematography excelled in a few spots.

Plus Points:

  • Few Scenes

Minus Points:

  • Story
  • Screenplay
  • Music
  • Lack of Emotion

Rating: 2.5/5

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