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Tamilrockerz Telugu Series Review: With a couple of his appearances in Telugu films like Saaho, Brucelee, and other films, Arun Vijay is well-known to the Telugu audience. His most recent Tamil movie, “Yanai,” has a Telugu dub called “Enugu.” Arun Vijay has now developed a new project called “Tamilrockerz,” which will be accessible for streaming on the Sony Liv OTT platform starting on August 19. Let’s review this show to see if it is worth our time to invest in watching it on Sony Liv.

Tamilrockerz Telugu Series Review


Aditya is one of the top stars in the state, and his expensively produced film, “Garuda,” has been released on the Tamilrockerz website. The biggest movie is leaked on these pirate websites despite numerous measures being taken, which shocks the whole film industry. A special police officer is hired to examine the complaint made by a movie producer against the website and track down those responsible for the leak. The remainder of the story is made up of the subsequent circumstances.

Cast & Crew

Arun Vijay plays the protagonist part in the Tamilrockerz movie, with supporting roles also going to Vani Bhojan, Ishwarya Menon, Azhagam Perumal, Vinodhini, G. Marimuthu, Tharun Kumar, Vinod Sagar, Sharath Ravi, Kaakamuttai Ramesh, Kakkamuttai Vignesh, and Ajit Joshy. Arivazhagan is the film’s director, while Aruna Guhan and Aparna Guhan Shyam are its producers. Vikas Badisa composed the music for this movie, and B Rajasekar was in charge of the photography.

Series NameTamilrockerz
Music DirectorVikas Badisa
ProducerAruna Guhan, Aparna Guhan Shyam
GenreCrime, Action, Drama
CastArun Vijay, Vani Bhojan, Ishwarya Menon, Azhagam Perumal, Vinodhini, G.Marimuthu, Tharun Kumar, Vinod Sagar, Sharath Ravi, Kaakamuttai Ramesh, Kakkamuttai Vignesh, Ajit Joshy.


This series makes an intriguing argument about some of the piracy websites that post the latest movies in HD quality hours or even days before they are released legally. As the subject is novel in Indian movie, the network behind these piracy websites and the investigation to catch these crooks look highly intriguing. Even though this topic was briefly touched upon in a few films, viewing a complete series with this plot is something that immediately draws our attention and maintains it until the very last scene.

Arun Vijay had a solid performance as a cop looking into the masked thieves responsible for movie piracy, but the job seemed too small to give him much room to act. Ishwarya Menon is beautiful, and Vani Bhojan gets very little screen time, but she played her part beautifully. A number of actors, including Azhagam Perumal, Vinodhini, G. Marimuthu, and others, contributed as needed to the proceedings.

Technically, Tamilrockerz appears to be fine. Vikas Badisa’s background music intensifies the action and adds the necessary intensity to the scenarios shown on screen. The film’s DI and decent cinematography by B Rajasekar both fit the genre that its creators have selected. This movie’s production values are excellent and were not compromised in any way.

Director Arivazhagan, who has previously helmed suspenseful films like “Vaishali” and “Crime 23,” once again dazzles with his work by keeping the tension high throughout the episodes.

Overall, Tamilrockerz is a compelling crime drama worth watching for its distinctive point of view.

Rating: 3.5/5

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