Top 5 Popular TV Shows in Telugu: ETV, Gemini, ZEE Telugu

Popular TV Shows in Telugu 2021 (ETV, Gemini TV, Star Maa, ZEE Telugu): The most enjoyable programming on television have always been the shows and serials. Successful television channels in the early 1990s relied heavily on popular television series. Everyone’s attention is now focused on Telugu Reality Shows and Telugu Game Shows, which have taken over. A growing number of celebrities are taking part in TV shows in order to cash in on the recent surge in popularity of the medium. Here are the top 10 most popular Telugu television shows of 2021.

Popular TV Shows in Telugu

Popular TV Shows in Telugu 2021: ETV, Gemini TV, Star Maa, ZEE Telugu

1 Cash (క్యాష్)

Cash is one of Telugu Television’s most popular game series. As the show’s co-anchor, Suma Kanala was a huge hit with viewers. The Gaali Sampath movie team has just completed 150 episodes of the show. CASH is a popular Telugu game show that celebrities enjoy participating in as part of their movie marketing.

Channel Name: ETV

Host: Suma Kanakala

Show Timings: Every Saturday at 9:00 P.M

2 Alitho Saradaga (ఆలీతో సరదాగా)

One of ETV’s most popular programs, Alitho Saradaga, features interviews with forgotten Tollywood stars. Sarcastic and comedic actor Ali from Telugu fame presents this show. Ali has conducted interviews with a slew of well-known Telugu actors for this program. The show’s director, Tollywood producer Anil Kadiyala, is a master at getting the audience involved in Ali and the Celebrity guests’ lively exchanges.

Channel Name: ETV

Host: Ali

Show Timings: Every Monday at 8:00 P.M

3 Jabardasth (జబర్దస్త్)

Jabardasth, a prominent Telugu comedy show that debuted on ETV and dominated the television business for many years, is one of the most well-known shows in the genre. In addition, this show has a high TRP rating among Telugu TV stations. M. Shyam Prasad Reddy, a Tollywood producer, is the show’s producer.

Channel Name: ETV

Host: Mano, Indraja

Show Timings: Every Thursday & Friday at 8:00 P.M

4 Adhirindi (అదిరింది)

In Adhirindi, ZEE Telugu broadcasts a comedy show with five teams, all of whom participate in comedy acts. For a long time, the show has been a YouTube sensation. Adhirindi features talented comedians who entertain the audience with their hilarious jokes and comedy timings in the presence of judges.

Channel Name: ZEE Telugu

Host: Naga Babu, Navadeep

Show Timings: Hold

5 No. 1 Yaari with me Rana (నెo.1 యారీ)

ZEE Telugu broadcasts a comedy show in Adhirindi with five teams, each of which performs comedic performances. The show has been a YouTube sensation for a long time. Comedians perform in front of a panel of judges at Adhirindi, which is a popular comedy show in India.

Channel Name: Gemini TV & Aha App

Host: Rana Daggubati

Show Timings: Hold

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