Nani Upcoming Telugu Movies List 2022, 2023 (Recently Updated)

Nani Upcoming Telugu Movies List: Star Naturally Although he also had a flop with Tuck Jagadhesh, he later enjoyed a blockbuster with Ante Sundaraniki, and now he is working on a movie named “Dasara,” which will be his high-budget feature and which he will appear in a previously unseen role, Nani is recognized for his flexibility. However, his lineup appears to be something special; stay tuned to learn more.

Nani Upcoming Telugu Movies List

She grew up in Hyderabad after her family relocated there when she was a young girl. His elementary school of choice was St. Alphonsus School in Hyderabad, and he finished his secondary schooling at Narayana Intermediate School in SR Nagar. At Wesleyan, he finished high school. He became incredibly obsessed with movies while a college student. He possesses a lot of Maniratnam’s personality and worldview. He allegedly watched the film Dalapathy a tonne of times, according to hearsay.

He would analyze movies in great depth while his friends would watch them for pure entertainment. It had always been his goal to direct a movie someday. Together with Bapu, Anil, a distant relative of his, was making Radha Gopalam. He took on the role of the movie’s clap director at Bapu’s request. He learned a plethora of knowledge from him. Following that, he worked on and appeared in a number of highly regarded movies, including Allari Bullodu, Dhee, and Asthram.

Nani Upcoming Telugu Movies List 2022, 2023



Apart from Dasara, there are several intriguing collaborations that will happen very soon. Just stay tuned with us to learn about the actors, actresses, and directors of upcoming movies. Nani’s lineup appears to be extremely promising, and all of his admirers have been waiting for Dasara.

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