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Konda Movie Review: There is no need for an introduction for RGV, as we all know he is always fascinated by violence and we have seen this in his films for the past 30 years, however, he made many biopics, and now he came with another interesting biopic called Konda, Konda is a biopic of Telangana former politician Konda Murali, the trailers raised the expectations and it shows that RGV is back with this film, despite the fact that

Konda Movie Review


Konda’s story is set in 1990 in Telangana, where Konda Murali is a college student who becomes interested in the Indian constitution after reading library books. Meanwhile, there are many political wars going on in the city, and eventually, he becomes a criminal for a good cause, and in the process, he meets Konda Surekha. What circumstances led to him becoming a criminal? And how could he become a politician after being a criminal? You must watch the film to learn all of this.

Cast & Crew

Konda starred alongside Thrigun, Irra Mor, Prudhvi Raj, LB. Sriram, Parvathi Arun, Prashanth Karthi, Tulasi, and Abhilash Chaudary, and the film was directed by Ram Gopal Varma, while cinematography was done by Malharbhatt Joshi, music was composed by DSR, the background score was done by Anand Kollabathula, and the film was produced by Konda Sushmit

Movie NameKonda
DirectorRam Gopal Varma
Music DirectorDSR
ProducerKonda Sushmitha Patel
GenreAction Drama
CastThrigun, Irra Mor, Prudhvi Raj, LB. Sriram, Parvathi Arun, Prashanth Karthi, Tulasi, Abhilash Chaudary
EditorManish Takur, Eshwar 57

Movie Verdict

RGV is known for biopics as he made the finest biopic s with his perspective and audience has received so well like Raktha Charithra and Veerappan they are beautifully-crafted biopics and now Konda, The film gets off to a good start with RGV’s voice over, which helps to immerse the audience in Konda’s world, and I thought it worked well in the film.
RGV didn’t waste any time in establishing the characters as he showcased in the first half how Konda Murali became a criminal, and those situations are captured so well, and Konda Surekha’s characters placed so well in the story as RGV used her character perfectly, and the second half mostly focused on his political journey and RGV showed some brilliant scenes in the second half, but in the proceedings, the story gets overstretched.
Thrigun as Konda is good in a few parts because we know him as a lover boy and this is a complete contrast for him, while Irra Mor is only mediocre, failing to act in many scenes, and the rest of the cast Prudhvi Raj, LB Sriram, and Tulsi all do well for their roles.
We can definitely see vintage RGV as he once again demonstrated why he is a unique director; there are many situations with excellent camera work and brilliant writing, and RGV succeeded in engaging the audience.
Technically, Konda is good as the production values could have been better, Malharbhatt Joshi’s cinematography is good and he captured a few scenes so well, DSR songs are good as Surakamma will be the chartbuster, and Anand Kollabathula’s background score is not up to par as we have seen this type of bgm in RGV’s previous films, and the rest of the technical departments performed well.
Finally, Konda is RGV’s comeback film, and if you like RGV, you should see it.

Movie Rating: 3/ 5

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