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Jhansi Web Series Review: Anjali’s Jhansi has finally premiered on Disney + Hostar. However, this series is Anjali’s first on OTT, and she seemed very confident about the series during the promotions of the series. Interestingly enough, this series has a lot of action sequences that are completely new to Anjali, and that’s what caught audience attention. Without further ado, let’s jump into the in-depth review to determine whether it’s worth your time or not.

Jhansi Web Series Review


The core of the plot revolves around Jhansi (Anjali), a brave young woman who battles with her troubled background. Sadly, she has lost her memories, but her adversaries continue to stalk her and want to kill her.

Cast & Crew

Jhansi stars Anjali as the main character, with Mumaith Khan, Kalyan Master, Raj Arjun, Sharanya, and Samyuktha Hornad playing important supporting roles. The series is directed by Thiru and Arvind, with action sequences choreographed by Yannick Ben of the Family Man web series. R. Krishna produced the series under the banner of Tribal Horse Entertainment.

Series NameJhansi
Music DirectorN/A
ProducerR. Krishna
CastAnjali,Mumaith Khan, Kalyan Master, Raj Arjun, Sharanya, and Samyuktha Hornad


We don’t often see action web series in Telugu, but I believe Jhansi is the first one. Speaking of the series, it starts off quite intriguingly with the protagonist losing her memory and Jhansi attempting to recall her past but failing. This entire sequence piqued our curiosity and transported us to Jhansi’s world, but after a while, I don’t think an audience can stay there because the series’ flat screenplay eventually makes them bored.

Anjali’s character has an intriguing design, but the show’s writers have to deal with a lot of layers that haven’t been presented well. If her layers had been properly handled, the show could have been much better. Each episode has fantastic action sequences that keep you glued to your seat, but it can be difficult to maintain interest solely through action.

This 10-episode series has moments in each episode, but only a few of them were successful. The pace of the series kind of slows down as it moves closer to its conclusion, and that is by far its worst flaw. Despite this, one should be grateful for how well the action blocks were created.

Speaking of the performances, Chandni Chowdary has a limited role because she doesn’t get a chance to show her performance, Adarsh’s character is so weak, and the rest of the cast did well. Anjali, who plays Jhansi, is partially good because of her character and has many layers but she struggled with emotion.

Although Thiru has good writing abilities, several of the series’ episodes could have been written even better and he only partially succeeded in keeping the audience interested.

Technically, Jhansi is strong; Aravind’s cinematography is excellent throughout the series because he engages the audience with his framing and shot compositions; the background score, though, may be improved; and the rest of the technical team performed admirably.

Plus Points:

  • Few episodes
  • Action


  • Routine Story
  • Predictable Screenplay
  • Lack emotions

Rating: 3/5

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