Hollywood Best Telugu Dubbed Movies List (Recently Updated)

Hollywood Best Telugu Dubbed Movies List: Everyone has undoubtedly seen at least one Hollywood film in their lives. However, we prefer to see films in our native tongues because not everyone understands them properly. For two decades, all English-language films have been dubbed into regional languages in order to reach a wider audience. Numerous Hollywood blockbusters have been dubbed into Telugu.

Hollywood Best Telugu Dubbed Movies List

Even if individuals are unable to comprehend the films, they attempt to comprehend by simply watching sequences. This is how we developed an obsession with Hollywood films. Hollywood filmmakers use visual effects and graphics to get audiences to the theatres. They invested considerable effort and time into the film in order to complete it.

We compile a list of the best Hollywood films dubbed into Telugu. We carefully selected the best films.

Below is the list of Hollywood movies dubbed into Telugu

  1. Dark Knight
  2. Pirates of the Caribbean
  3. Van Helsing ( Childhood )
  4. Mad Max  
  5. Mummy  
  6. Saw  
  7. Inception  
  8. King Kong  Airtel X stream
  9. The Raid ( Best action )
  10. Marvel Series  
  11. Hancock
  12. Twilight  
  13. National Treasure 2
  14. Hunger Games  
  15. Expendables
  16. Wrong Turn  
  17. Prince of Persia  
  18. Man of Steel
  19. Divergent  
  20. Rampage  
  21. Aquaman
  22. John wick  
  23. Now you see me  
  24. Gladiator
  25. It

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