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Gandharwa Movie Review: George Reddy is a household name. Gandharwa, the eagerly awaited film from Sandeep Madhav, opened in theatres today despite the fact that the filmmakers did not publicise it at all and thus few people were aware of it. To be fair, however, this film has been getting good reviews and has a unique point of view, so let’s take a look at the in-depth review and see if it’s worth watching.

Gandharwa Movie Review


When Avinash (Sandeep Madhav) was on his way to rejoin the Indian Army in 1971, he had an accident and woke up in 2021 with the same clothes and appearance. The rest of the story reveals why he chose to travel from the past to the future.

Cast & Crew

Gandharwa starring, Sandeep Madhav, Gayatri R. Suresh, and Sheetal Bhatt, and the film was directed by Apsar, Cinematography has done by Jawahar Reddy, Music has composed by Rap Rock Shakeel and the film is produced by Funny Fox Entertainments.

Movie NameGandharwa
Music DirectorRock Shakeel
ProducerFunny Fox Entertainments
GenreFamily, Thriller
CastSandeep Madhav, Gayatri R. Suresh, and Sheetal Bhatt
EditorBaswa Pydi Reddy

Movie Verdict

While Sandeep Madhav is known for his work in biopics like Vangaveeti and George Reddy, this is the first time he has attempted to portray a character in his own unique way because of the film’s focus on commercialism.
It’s a good start, but the film loses its way after 30 minutes because of a slew of pointless comedic scenes. The film didn’t hold my attention for the entire runtime, but there are a few sections that keep me interested, and the climax could have been better.
It’s hard to believe that Sandeep Madhav as Avinash isn’t real, but he does a good job as the military character and Vijay, and Posani Krishan Murali’s comedy timing helps keep things interesting.
Gandharva’s technical performance is adequate, but Jawahar Reddy’s cinematography isn’t up to snuff. Some of Rock Shakeel’s background music is excellent, and the rest of the departments all gave it their all. They should be proud.
To sum it up, if you have nothing else to do, then Gandharwa is the film for you.

Rating: 3/5


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