Bigg Boss Non Stop Voting (Bigg Boss Telugu Vote) Results

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote: On February 26, 2022, the Most Awaited Bigg Boss Non-Stop Voting Show began. The voting procedure also got underway at the same time. It’s nonstop Bigg Boss Non-Stop on Disney+ and Hotstar. Voting and elimination are expected to move more quickly this time around than in past seasons.
This Bigg Boss Non Stop Vote Show is hosted by Akkineni Nagarjuna. Since the beginning of 2019, he has hosted Bigg Boss Telugu Vote for the fourth time. Bigg Boss Non-Stop Voting, Voting Process is covered in depth in this article.
This Bigg Boss Non-Stop Telugu Vote & Voting Percentage website offers Bigg Boss Telugu Vote. As a result, there is no obligation to Vote in the Bigg Boss Telugu OTT Vote Nomination Poll to save your favorite Telugu Bigg Boss contestant from being voted out. There are also results and a survey for the Big Boss Telugu voting on the Big Boss website now.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote (Week 8)

An opinion poll conducted by the Bigg Boss Non-Stop Voting team is presented below. On this platform, you may cast your vote and see who is receiving the most support and votes each week. You can check back here every week for the latest nominations based on the current season and nominations.

Bigg Boss Non Stop Voting Results Percentage (Week 8)

PositionContestantPercentageNo. of Votes
1Akhil Sarthak56%1917
2Anil Rathod22%762
5Aashu Reddy4%165

Hotstar Voting

Using the Hotstar App to cast your vote is a breeze. To cast a vote, you must have the Hotstar App installed on your phone. Having the Hotstar App installed on your phone is all that is required. You can download the Disney Hotstar app from the Play Store. Create a Hotstar account and log in. Enter “Bigg Boss Non-Stop” in the Search Bar. Bigg Boss Non-logo Stop can be seen there. The Vote Bar can be found underneath the logo. To cast your vote, simply click the voting bar at the bottom of the page. The nominees for that week’s competition will then be shown on the screen.. Tap on the picture of the contestant you like best. One tap equals one vote, and you can provide ten taps for ten votes at the same time.

You can vote for Bigg Boss Non-Stop on Disney Hotstar App by following the steps listed below.

  • Install Disney Hotstar App from the Google Play story
  • Login into the App and create a new account
  • After Creating the account go to the search bar and type “Bigg Boss Non-Stop Voting” or “Bigg Boss Telugu Vote”
  • Bigg Boss Non-Stop Hotstar Page Appears. Below the Bigg Boss Non Stop you can see Vote Bar
  • Click on the Voting Bar, then a list of Nominated Contestants appears.
  • Tap on your favorite contestant’s Pic to give one vote. Likewise, you can give 10 votes per day by tapping 10 times. You can divide these 10 votes among different Contestants also
  • After giving a vote tap Save Button.
  • Bigg Boss Non-Stop Voting Starts from Monday 10.30 pm and ends by Friday midnight 11:59 pm.

All 15 contestants in Bigg Boss Non-Stop are eligible to compete. Every single one of these 17 participants has agreed to spend 60 days in the Bigg Boss house with the show. However, as a general rule, one person is voted out each week. This list of the 17 Contestants can be found in the sections that follow.

Contestant’s List and Status

Ashu ReddyModelCompeting
Mahesh VittaActorEliminated
Mumaith KhanActressEliminated
Ajay KathurvarActorCompeting
Sravanthi ChokkarapuActressEliminated
RJ ChaituRadio JackeyEliminated
Ariyana GloryActressCompeting
Natraj MasterDancerCompeting
Shree RapakaActressEliminated
Anil RathodModelCompeting
Mitraaw SharmaActressCompeting
Tejaswi MadivadaActressEliminated
Sarayu SumanActressEliminated
Anchor ShivaAnchorCompeting
Bindu MadhaviActressCompeting
Hamida KhatoonActressCompeting
Akhil SarthakActorCompeting
Baba BhaskarChoreographerCompeting (WC)

Results & Elimination List

All Elimination List, and Nomination List details can be seen here below. we update you about these from time to time. Nominations go on every week. One or two contestants get Eliminated. Based on the Performance in the house Voting Results come out. This Contestant with the least number of votes gets eliminated.

Elimination List –  Voting Results

Week 1 – Mumaith Khan (Re-entered in Week 5)

Week 2 – Shree Rapaka

Week 3 – RJ Chaitu

Week 4 – Sarayu

Week 5 – Tejaswi

Week 6 – Sravanthi, Mumaith Khan

Week 7 – Mahesh Vitta

No Missed Call Voting

The Bigg Boss Show actually had two voting ways, but Makers has canceled the Mobile Missed Call technique and made only Hostar Voting for Nominations and Eliminations available to Hosts only. This season’s Bigg Boss Non-Stop Voting procedure is very similar to the one used in the season prior. BiggBoss Non-Stop, meanwhile, will allow viewers to vote for nominations, punishments, and rewards in addition to eviction.

Nagarjuna Hosting

Akkineni Nagarjuna serves as the host of the Bigg Boss Non-Stop Show on Colors TV. Has hosted the last three seasons of the Telugu version of Bigg Boss with no problems. For the past three years, he has hosted Bigg Boss. Many Bigg Boss Non-Stop watchers were taken aback when they learned that Nagarjuna will be hosting this show. Bigg Boss Non-Stop, he said in January, will be back on the air.
Nagarjuna set a new milestone for the longest run as host of Bigg Boss. After Kamal Hasan decided to step down from hosting Tamil Bigg BOSS for personal reasons, Simbu has been named the new host.

Bigg Boss Non-Stop Vote

Bigg Boss Non-Stop Vote

Show NameBigg Boss Non-Stop
ChannelDisney+ Hotstar
Show Starting Date26-Feb-22
Streaming time24*7
Number of Contestants17

On February 26, 2022, Bigg Boss Non-Stop began. The Disney Hotstar App allows you to watch it whenever you choose, day or night. Bigg Boss Non-Stop producers have created a daily 1-hour special program that will be aired on Hotstar at 9 p.m. for those who want the entire day’s show in a single hour.
Bigg Boss’s popularity grows by the day. This show’s TRP Ratings are also going up and up and up. Non-stop streaming of Bigg Boss on Hostar OTT Platform. Subscription costs for Disney Hotstar are now reasonable. If you haven’t already, please do so as soon as possible.
In addition to compensation, the victor of Bigg Boss Non-Stop will receive a cash prize of Rs. 50 lakh. Each contestant will get a daily stipend for their efforts. Depending on how popular they are, they may be paid more or less.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What’s the limit for Bigg Boss Non-Stop Vote per day?

10 votes. You can give 10 votes per day from one registered account.

How to watch Bigg Boss Nonstop Online?

Disney Hotstar App, Website. Subscribe to Disney Hotstar App and Watch online Bigg Boss Nonstop 24*7

What are Bigg Boss Non-Stop results today?

Visit Our “Bigg Boss Non-stop Voting Poll” Section. we update the results and nomination list in this section regularly from time to time

Who is the winner of Bigg Boss Non-Stop vote OTT?

Not Yet Declarer. Bigg Boss Non-Stop Show will go on for 60 days. After 60 days it will be decided based on the Public Votings.

Who is Eliminated this week – BB Non-Stop?

Elimination Process Not Completed. This is the first Week, Nomination list has just been released. Elimination will be decided at end of the week.

Conclusion: Here in this Article We have given you the most important details of Bigg Boss Non-Stop Show. We have Presented Your Unofficial Bigg Boss Non-Stop Voting Poll also. This voting poll results will be almost the same to the Real and Official Bigg Boss Voting results.

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