Bigg Boss 7 Telugu: An Entertaining Saga of Drama, Contestants List, Start Date, OTT Platform, Timings and Voting

Reality shows have captured the hearts of audiences worldwide, and one such show that has consistently intrigued and mesmerized viewers is “Bigg Boss.” With each season, this iconic show continues to raise the bar, bringing in more drama, excitement, and entertainment. In the realm of Telugu television, “Bigg Boss 7 Telugu” stands out as one of the most awaited and eagerly anticipated seasons to date. Especially here in this article, you will get to know about BB 7 Voting. Let’s dive into the details of what makes this season special, including its starting date, contestants list, prize money, host, and the voting mechanism that empowers viewers to influence the game.

BB 7 Telugu Starting Date

“Bigg Boss 7 Telugu” is set to kick off its journey of entertainment and drama on [Starting Date]. As always, viewers can expect a grand inauguration episode, with glitz, glamour, and a mesmerizing house that will serve as the battleground for contestants for the upcoming weeks. The Bigg Boss 7 Telugu is all set to be aired on September 03 2023 on Star Maa and will be premiered on Hotstar.

BB Telugu Contestants List

The heart of “Bigg Boss” lies in its diverse and eclectic mix of contestants. The contestants for Season 7 are carefully selected from various walks of life, making the show a compelling blend of personalities, emotions, and conflicts. While the full list of contestants is kept under wraps until the premiere, the rumor mills are abuzz with speculations about potential celebrities, influencers, actors, and even commoners who might enter the Bigg Boss house.

Well, as per the sources the ETV Prabhakar, his son Chandrahass, singer Mohana Bhoagaraju, Amardeep, Santosh Pawan, his wife Anjali Pavan, Bullet Bhaskar, etc.

BB 7 Telugu Prize Money

The prize money for “Bigg Boss 7 Telugu” is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing aspects for both the participants and the audience. The contestants live under constant surveillance, facing various challenges and tasks to prove their mettle and stay in the game. As the weeks progresses, eliminations occur, and the contestants strive to outshine their competitors. The ultimate reward for their endurance, perseverance, and strategies is the coveted prize money. While the exact amount is a well-guarded secret until the finale, the stakes are expected to be higher than ever, making the competition fiercer and the entertainment quotient sky-high.

BB 7 Telugu Host

The host of any reality show plays a pivotal role in keeping the audience engaged and excited throughout the season. In “Bigg Boss 7 Telugu,” viewers will be treated to the charm, wit, and magnetic presence of a prominent Telugu celebrity, whose hosting prowess has won hearts in the past. The host will not only introduce the contestants and add a touch of glamour but will also be the bridge between the audience and the happenings inside the house. Their interaction with contestants, providing insights, and sharing their perspectives on the events of the week is something fans eagerly anticipate.

BB 7 OTT Platform and Timings

BB 7 will be premiered on September 03 2023 on Hotstar and will be aired on Star Maa. You can watch BB 7 Telugu on Hotstar at 9 Pm and on Star Maa, you can watch at 9:30 PM.

BB 7 Telugu Voting

What sets “Bigg Boss” apart from other reality shows is the power it grants the audience – the power to vote for their favorite contestants. Voting plays a crucial role in deciding who stays and who leaves the house, making viewers feel like active participants in the game. There are multiple ways for the audience to cast their votes, ensuring that everyone can have their say.

  1. Missed Call Voting: Each contestant is assigned a unique phone number, and viewers can cast their votes by giving a missed call to the respective number of their preferred participant.
  2. Online Voting: With the widespread use of the internet, online voting has become increasingly popular. Viewers can vote for their favorite contestants through official voting websites or dedicated mobile applications.
  3. Voting Through Social Media: Social media platforms have become an integral part of our lives, and “Bigg Boss” leverages this to allow voting through social media hashtags and handles.
  4. Voting on OTT Platforms: For fans who prefer to watch the show on Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms, there is an option to vote through those platforms as well.


“Bigg Boss 7 Telugu” promises to be a roller-coaster ride filled with drama, emotions, friendships, and rivalries. The starting date will be the day when viewers will be welcomed into the world of the Bigg Boss house, a world where alliances will be formed and broken, where contestants will test their limits, and where the audience will be captivated from start to finish. With an impressive lineup of contestants, undisclosed prize money, a charismatic host, and the power to vote, this season is set to captivate millions of viewers and keep them hooked until the grand finale. So, buckle up for an exhilarating journey into the world of “Bigg Boss 7 Telugu”!

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