List of Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies 2022 Releases

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies 2022: Have you any idea? Amazon Prime Video has surpassed 200 million subscriptions worldwide. Indeed, you read right! In 2022, Amazon Prime Video will surpass 200 million subscribers globally. Prime Video attracted 50 million new customers during the downtime, most of which are reportedly from India and other Asian countries.


As a result of this new milestone, Amazon Prime Video plans to increase its investment in digital content over the next year. In addition, Prime Video intends to preserve its prestige by increasing its investment in Indian regional films. Prime Video has been the only OTT service to immediately release the most anticipated films in recent years. Amazon Prime Video has obtained the digital rights to several films, including Nani’s V, Suriya’s Aakaasam Nee Haddhu Ra, Anushka’s Nishabdam, and the recent hits Master and Jathi Ratnalu.

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies 2022 List

Amazon Prime Video is an Amazon-owned digital streaming service. This OTT platform has more than 150 million active users globally as of 2022, a statistic that has dramatically increased since the shutdown in 2020. This portal offers a vast assortment of varied genre films in 26 languages from around the world. You may watch Telugu dubbed movies and Telugu films in HD online. In addition, the OTT software operates properly on the majority of mobile devices, including Android, iOS, Windows, and all other desktop systems.

Amazon Prime Video is continuously on the lookout for the best Telugu-language entertainment to please its fans. We’ve made it easy for you to learn more about forthcoming OTT films. As a consequence, you can rapidly uncover a list of Amazon Prime’s Upcoming Telugu Movies 2021 depending on their respective release dates. We hope this will save you time searching for the best and most recent Telugu films on Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies March 2022

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
Dune (Dub)March 25, 2022Prime Video
Super MachiMarch 22, 2022Prime Video
FIRMarch 12, 2022Prime Video
No Time To DieMarch 04, 2022Prime Video
Gangs of 18March 03, 2022Prime Video

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies February 2022

Movie NameStreaming DateWatch On
Kotala Rayudu27th February 2022Prime Video
Good Luck Sakhi12th February 2022Prime Video
Hero11th February 2022Prime Video
Siddhartha11th February 2022Prime Video
Gangs of 1810th February 2022USA Prime Video
Mahaan10th February 2022Prime Video
Prakatana8th February 2022USA Prime Video
IPC 376 (Telugu)2nd February 2022Prime Video

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies January 2022

Movie NameStreaming DateWatch On
Gamanam28th January 2022Prime Video
Ram Asur14th January 2022Prime Video
Pushpa: The Rise7th January 2022Prime Video
Ravana Lanka5th January 2022Prime Video
Eakam5th January 2022Prime Video
Urekaa Sakaa Mikaa4th January 2022USA Prime Video
Big Brother (Telugu)4th January 2022Prime Video

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies 2022

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies December 2022

Movie NameStreaming DateWatch On
Muddy31st December 2021Prime Video
Seetharaam Benoy:
Case No.18
20th December 2021Prime Video
Marakkar Arabiya
Samudhra Simham
17th December 2021Prime Video
Natyam17th December 2021Prime Video
Madhura Wines16th December 2021Prime Video
The Trip15th December 2021Prime Video
Konda Polam8th December 2021Prime Video

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies November 2022

Movie NameStreaming DateWatch On
Drushyam 225th November 2021Prime Video
Idhe Maa Katha23rd November 2021Prime Video
The Rose Villa11th November 2021Prime Video
Aaradugula Bullet10th November 2021Prime Video
Friendship (Telugu)5th November 2021Prime Video
Jai Bhim2nd November 2021Prime Video

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies October 2022

Movie NameStreaming DateWatch On
Dheevara23rd October 2021USA Prime Video
Lawyer Viswanath20th October 2021Prime Video
Raktha Sambandham14th October 2021Prime Video
Gully Rowdy12th October 2021USA Prime Video
Anaganaga Oka Nenu10th October 2021USA Prime Video
Thalaivii10th October 2021Prime Video
Chinna Chinni Asha9th October 2021USA Prime Video
Gopyam – The Secret7th October 2021USA Prime Video
Kanabadutaledu5th October 2021Prime Video
Nootokka Jillala Andagadu3rd October 2021Prime Video
Mugguru Monagallu2nd October 2021Prime Video

Upcoming Amazon Prime Telugu Movies September 2022

This website offers not just Telugu films, but also Telugu online series and live shows. What are you waiting for, then? Consider the Upcoming Telugu Films on Amazon Prime in 2021. Let’s examine September 2021’s Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Films.  

Movie NameStreaming DateWatch On
ChaitanyamSeptember 20, 2021Prime Video
NarasimhapuramSeptember 17, 2021Prime Video
SundariSeptember 10, 2021Prime Video
Tuck JagadishSeptember 10, 2021Prime Video
Mumbai Diaries (Dub)September 09, 2021Prime Video
Parigettu ParigettuSeptember 05, 2021Prime Video
Ksheera Sagara MadhanamSeptember 04, 2021Prime Video
JaSeptember 04, 2021Prime Video
PaagalSeptember 03, 2021Prime Video
CinderellaSeptember 03, 2021Prime Video

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies August 2022

Movie NameStreaming DateWatch On
The Family Man 2 (Dub)August 25, 2021Prime Video
The Priest (Dub)August 17, 2021Prime Video
Merise MeriseAugust 17, 2021Prime Video

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies July 2022

Movie NameStreaming DateWatch On
Sarpatta Parampara (Dub)July 22, 2021Prime Video
The Tomorrow War (Dub)July 02, 2021Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video Upcoming Telugu Movies June 2022

Movie NameStreaming DateWatch On
True18th June 2021Prime Video
Mosagallu16th June 2021Prime Video
Pachchis (Direct OTT)12th June 2021Prime Video
Balamitra4th June 2021Prime Video
DOM (Telugu)4th June 2021Prime Video

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies May 2022

Movie NameStreaming DateWatch On
Ek Mini Katha27th May, 2021Prime Video
30 Rojullo Preminchadam Ela22nd May, 2021Prime Video
Shukra08th May, 2021Prime Video
MMOF04th May, 2021Prime Video

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies April 2022

Movie NameStreaming DateWatch On
Vakeel Saab30th April, 2021Prime Video
Roberrt (Telugu)30th April, 2021Prime Video
Love Life and Pakodi19th April, 2021Prime Video
Sashi14th April, 2021Prime Video
Ee Kathalo Paathralu Kalpitam14th April, 2021Prime Video
Prayanikudu13th April, 2021Prime Video
Yuvarathnaa (Telugu)11th April, 2021Prime Video
Jathi Ratnalu11th April 2021Prime Video
Double Sketch7th April 2021Prime Video
Power Play6th April 2021Prime Video
April 28th Em Jarigindi4th April 2021Prime Video
Aksharam4th April 2021Prime Video
April 28th Em Jarigindi10th April 2021Prime Video

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies March 2022

Movie NameStreaming DateWatch On
TENET (Telugu)31st March, 2021Prime Video
JD Chakravarthy MMOF25th March, 2021Prime Video
Shaadi Mubarak25th March, 2021Prime Video
Kapatadhaari20th March, 2021Prime Video
Gaali Sampath19th March, 2021Prime Video
Eureekha09th March, 2021Prime Video
Vittal Wadi08th March, 2021Prime Video
Akshara05th March, 2021Prime Video
V1 Murder Case05th March, 2021Prime Video
Aakasamlo Aasala Harivillu05th March, 2021Prime Video
Pandu Gadi Photo Studio02nd March, 2021Prime Video

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies February 2022

Movie NameStreaming DateWatch On
G-Zombie26 February 2021Prime Video
Cheppina Evaru Nammaru21 February 2021Prime Video
Jai Sena19 February 2021Prime Video
Action08 February 2021Prime Video
Edaina Jaragocchu06 February 2021Prime Video

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies January 2022

Movie NameStreaming DateWatch On
Master29 January 2021Prime Video
Maara16 January 2021Prime Video
Nanna Prema19 January 2021Prime Video
Gramam13 January 2021Prime Video
Mogalturu12 January 2021Prime Video
Point Blank10 January 2021Prime Video
Valasa09 January 2021Prime Video

Prime Video consistently releases the best content and most popular films to suit the millions of Telugu state VoD viewers. Additionally, the majority of films available on Amazon Prime Telugu feature renowned Telugu actors. In 2020, the OTT platform released highly anticipated films such as Nani’s V, Nishabdham, Penguin, and others.

Amazon Prime Telugu Competitors

Amazon Prime Video Tollywood’s prominent OTT platforms, such as Aha App, Netflix, SUN NXT, ZEE5, and Disney + Hotstar, are Telugu’s primary competitors. However, the global competitor is always Netflix. Aha has swiftly become one of the most popular Telugu OTTs, whereas Spark OTT has only just begun offering Telugu films.

Subscription Price in India

The OTT platform charges Rs. 999/- for unrestricted access to its content, which is fairly affordable pricing. With this package, you can watch Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, English, and other films of the highest caliber. In addition, Prime members can receive their orders from Amazon’s e-commerce website very rapidly. There are numerous more benefits, like FREE No-Rush Shipping, FREE Same-Day Delivery, Exclusive pricing, Prime Early Access, Prime Music, Gaming incentives, Amazon Family deals, and more.

Final Words

If you appreciate viewing Telugu films, television programs, and web series, you should subscribe to the Amazon Prime Video Telugu premium service. Prime Video’s Telugu films are consistently the best and most entertaining, and the service owns the rights to all major Tollywood and Kollywood films.


✅ What are the upcoming Telugu Movies in Amazon Prime Video?

Comedy Entertainer “Ek Mini Katha” is the upcoming Telugu movie in Amazon Prime Video

✅ What are the Most Watched Telugu Movies in Prime Video?

Vakeel Saab, Nani’s V and Nishabdham are the most-watched Telugu movies in Prime Video.

✅ How can I watch Amazon Prime Video Telugu Movies Free?

Prime Video doesn’t come with a free plan. You need to subscribe to its premium plan to have unlimited access to thousands of movies, shows, and originals in various languages.

✅ How to connect Amazon Prime Video App in Jio TV?

Click on Activate device which is just below the Email and Password field. Next click on Activate and Tv device will be automatically signed in to your account.

For More information regarding the use of the Amazon Prime Video App, contact its support team.

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