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Alipiriki Allantha Dooramlo Movie Review: A song praising “Tirupati” was posted to YouTube a few months ago, and the Telugu audience was immediately drawn to it. The same production team has since posted a teaser for a movie that was entirely filmed in and around the city. The trailer gave off the impression that the movie would be enjoyable, and the marketing team did a good job promoting the movie before it was released. Let’s examine a review of the film “Alipiriki Allantha Dooramlo” to see if it lives up to the anticipation it has received.

Alipiriki Allantha Dooramlo Movie Review


Varadhi is well-known among the middle class for selling idol frames. He has fallen in love with a girl, but because of his lack of money, her family won’t accept him. In order to quickly accumulate a large sum of money, Varadhi decides to take part in a heist, but his involvement in the crime sparks a massive money chase that will forever change his life and the lives of others.

Cast & Crew

Raavan Reddy, Sri Nikitha, Alankritha Sha, Ravindar Bommakanti, Prasad Behra, MS, Lahari Gudivada, Amruthavarshini Somisetty, and other actors are featured in the ensemble cast of Allantha Dooramlo. A movie produced by Ramesh Dabbugottu and Reddy Rajendra P and directed by Anand J is shown by Cascade Pictures. Phani Kalyan composed the music, and DGK was in charge of the filming.

Movie NameAlipiriki Allantha Dooramlo
DirectorAnand J
Music DirectorPhani Kalyan
ProducerRamesh Dabbugottu, Reddy Rajendra P
GenreComedy, Crime, Drama
CastRaavan Reddy, Sri Nikitha, Alankritha sha, Ravindar Bommakanti, Prasad Behra, MS, Lahari gudivada, Amruthavarshini Somisetty

Movie Verdict

Alipiriki Allantha Dooramlo was released in theatres with little to no hype, and the majority of its cast members were newcomers, but it’s difficult to tell from the movie’s high-quality production values that it was made by amateurs. The main character decides to rob the money because he thinks doing so will make his life better in every way possible, which is what really gets the movie moving after a slow start. The film manages to keep our attention with compelling moments and unexpected turns right up until the final credits, despite some shaky storytelling in both halves.

Raavan Reddy, a newcomer who has only appeared in one movie (Pedavi Datani Matokatundi), excels in acting. He has a complex personality that provides him opportunity to develop. He had excellent screen presence, which indicated that he cared deeply about the role and behaved accordingly. Although Sri Nikitha doesn’t have a lot of duties, her part in the play is fine. Equally outstanding in his part as the hero’s best buddy was the actor who played him. The supporting characters all performed admirably and helped the story along.

Alipiriki Allantha Dooramlo appears to be fine merely visually. The visually stunning rendition of the popular song “Tirupati” and the strong Phani Kalyan score are both highlights. Although DGK is listed as the cinematographer, the pictures could have been of higher quality. The editing by Satya Giduturi is excellent. The quality of the production is poor.

The screenplay and direction of director Anand are excellent in holding the audience’s interest all the way through. Even though there are a few production problems, they are to be expected since this is the director’s first motion picture.

If you have the chance to see Alipiriki Allantha Dooramlo this weekend, do so without a doubt. You will be pleased with the acting and production values if you go into this movie with an open mind.

Plus Points:

  • Hero Raavan Reddy
  • Plot

Minus Points:

  • Production Values
  • Cinematography

Rating: 2.75/5

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