Raj Tarun ‘s Aha Na Pellanta Web Series Review & Ratings | Hit or Flop?

Aha Na Pellanta Web Series Review: Aha Zee5 has premiered the Raj Tarun and Sanjeev Reddy-helmed series Naa Pellanta. Let’s take a look at the fantastic acting and on-screen chemistry of the series’ main characters before diving into the review and deciding whether or not it’s worth watching. But Raj Tarun had a hard time succeeding in the long run.

Aha Na Pellanta Web Series Review


Seenu (Raj Tarun), the protagonist of the Aha Naa Pellanta series, is a laid-back guy who has promised his mother he won’t date until they’re married because, as far as she’s concerned, his father Narayana (Harhsvardha) would be disappointed if he did. Despite Seenu’s efforts to rein in his emotions as he got older, the plot twist comes when the bride runs away with her boyfriend. Can you guess what Seenu ultimately chose? Could Seen possibly reunite with his wife? It influences the storyline moving forward.

Cast & Crew

The series is directed by Sanjeev Reddy, and features the acting talents of Raj Tarun, Shivani Rakashekar, Harsha Vardhan, Amani, Posani Krishna Murali, Thagubothu Ramesh, Getup Sreenu, Dorababu, Warangal Vandana, and others. Zee5 provides funding, and Surya Rahul Tamada and Saideep Reddy Borra serve as executive producers.

Series NameAha Na Pellanta
DirectorSanjeev Reddy
Music DirectorJudah Sandhy
ProducerSurya Rahul Tamada, Saideep Reddy Borra
CastRaj Tarun, Shivani Rakashekar, Harsha Vardhan, Amani, Posani Krishna Murali, Thagubothu Ramesh, Getup Sreenu, Dorababu, Warangal Vandana
CinematographyNagesh Bannell, Ashkar Ali


Aha Naa Pellanta is a show about middle-class lifestyles, which are often interesting to witness on television. There’s a wide range of feelings you can have as a viewer because it takes a long to get into the story. The first four episodes are hilarious and will keep you laughing even after the plot slows down. When Seenu’s fiancee runs off with her lover, however, the show reverts to its more traditional narrative about the hero’s internal struggles.

He travelled to Hyderabad in an effort to find her there. Once again, comedy is the main attraction, and for over two episodes, nothing but comedy is shown. It’s ridiculous that Seenu constantly mocks and ignores his female companions. The show’s tone darkened when Seenu developed romantic feelings for Maha and began to take an interest in Maha’s dilemma.

Don’t bother with the plot if you just want to enjoy the comedy for what it is. Although there are many positive aspects to the show, it also has several shortcomings. The show’s basic emotional core might have been far better, allowing viewers to more deeply engage with the plot. The show’s comedy is passable so long as you ignore the slow and boring parts.

Acting-wise, Raj Tarun as Seenu, Shivani Rajshekar as Maha, and Harhavardan as No Ball are all superb. Seenu is not a particularly taxing role for Raj Tarun to play, since we have seen him in previous films. Cast members Amani, Posani Krishna Murali, Getup Sreenu, and the rest of the group, all delivered excellent performances. Narayana is fantastic, and his excellent comic timing endears him to many.

In spite of the book’s shortcomings, Sanjeev Reddy has produced a topic that will resonate with readers and keep them hooked to the screen. If the story’s creators weren’t so intent on turning it into a comedy, it could have been written much better.

The technical aspects of Aha Naa Pellanta are top-notch, but the cinematography by Nagesh Bannell, Ashkar Ali, and Judah Sandhy is mediocre at best. Nonetheless, the remaining members of the team did a fantastic job.

The overall experience of seeing Aha Naa Peallanta is one of extreme ups and downs in terms of how you feel, but only the comedy will leave you feeling truly satisfied.

Plus Points:

  • Comedy


  • Thin Story
  • Predictable Screenplay
  • Lack emotions

Rating: 3/5

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