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Aakasa Veedhullo Movie Review: The young team behind “Aakasa Veedhullo,” an emotional love drama, immediately caught viewers’ interest in both the teaser and the trailer. However, Gautham Krishna starred in and directed Aakasha Veedhullo. The movie is set to hit theatres today, September 2, 2022, and it has received generally favorable reviews. Without further ado, let’s dive into the detailed review to see if the movie is worth your time.

Aakasa Veedhullo Movie Review


Siddhu (Gautham Krishna) experiences love failure and eventually turns to music. However, when Dharma Music Production announces that he is no longer affiliated with them, his life is made much more challenging. Siddhu’s drinking and drug abuse had a negative impact on his music career. How he resolves all of these issues demonstrates the plot’s culmination.

Cast & Crew

The film’s leading actors are Pujita Poonnada and Gautham Krishna. The movie is directed by Gautham Krishna, with Vishwanath Reddy handling the cinematography, Judah Sandhy composing the music, and Manoj J.D., Dr.J. Manikanta, under the banners of GK Film Factory and Manoj Art Creations, producing the picture.

Movie NameAakasa Veedhullo
DirectorGautham Krishna
Music DirectorJudah Sandhy
ProducerManoj J.D., Dr.J. Manikanta
GenreLove Drama
CastGautham Krishna, Pujita Poonnada
Editor Sashank

Movie Verdict

Aakasa Veedhullo is one of many films that follow this formula, with the protagonist falling into a deep depression after a failed romantic relationship. Later, he focuses on his career, but he can’t forget his soulmate. From beginning to end, we see dated narration, predictable scenes, and unimpressive performances.

Even though a couple of the film’s love and travel sequences aren’t really new, you might find yourself watching them for a while because they’re enjoyable to watch on screen. Other than those scenes, the movie offers nothing entertaining. Aakasa Veedhullo is a character’s journey, but the director failed to develop the character because Hero’s character feels like nothing new, which may be why we lose track of where the story is going and the fundamental emotion doesn’t quite hit home.

The movie’s hero and director, Gautham Krishna, is a good actor, but he failed miserably as a filmmaker. Even though the plot of the movie isn’t very original, the picture would have been improved if an experienced director had directed it. The rest of the cast also performed admirably.
From Vishwanath Reddy’s visuals to Judah Sandhy’s music, every component of Aakasa Veedhullo looks top-notch technically. This aspect alone rescued the movie.

Last but not least, Aakasa Veedhullo is a one-time viewing movie that you can try if you run out of other things to watch.

Rating: 2.5/5

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