Taraka Ratna’s 9 Hours Web Series Review & Ratings

9 Hours Web Series Review: The Telugu film industry has been performing well in terms of producing unique films and original web series, and 9 hours is one of them. Hotstar’s original 9 hours was launched today, June 02, 2022, so without further ado, let’s go into an in-depth analysis of the series.

9 Hours Web Series Review


9 Hours begins with three bank robberies occurring at the same time, then cuts back to central jail, where three prisoners are plotting a robbery and must leave and return within 9 hours; eventually, how did they escape from the jail? Why did they plot to rob the bank, and who is responsible for this crime? To learn all of this, you must watch the series.

Cast & Crew

The series was directed by Niranjan Kaushik, and Jacob Verghese, the cinematography was done by Manoj Reddy, the music was composed by Shakthi Kanth Karthick, and the series was produced by Rajeev Reddy, Saibaba Jagarlamudi, and the series was backed by Disney + Hotstar. Taraka Ratna, Ajay, Vinod Kumar, Madhu Shalini, Ravi Varma, Preeti Asran

Series Name9 Hours 
Cast LeadsTaraka Ratna, Ajay, Vinod Kumar, Madhu Shalini, Ravi Varma, Preeti Asrani
Director Niranjan Kaushik
Producer Rajeev Reddy, Saibaba Jagarlamudi
Written byKrish Jagarlamudi
MusicShakthi Kanth Karthick
DOPManoj Reddy

Movie Verdict

The series starts off well with robbery scenes that engage the audience right away; later, the story shifts to the central jail, where it becomes even more interesting because of the communication between prisoners and outsiders; it also reminds the audience of the series called prison, but the director succeeded in engaging the audience; there are flaws, but they are outweighed by the fact that the series has a lot of thrilling elements in every episode, as it appears that the makers have perfected the series.
When it comes to Tarak Ratna, we’ve been missing him for a long time and he’s done a fantastic job in the cop part, and Ajay, one of the convicts, as always, nailed it, and the rest of the actors did well.
Kudos to the filmmaker, as it’s not simple to develop a web series, let alone one that’s intriguing, and the director unquestionably succeeded in doing so. The author of this series is ace director Krish Jagarlamudi, who has written so beautifully of the bank robbery scenes, which remind you a little of a money heist yet thrill you with all those scenes happening in the bank.
9hours looks wonderful from a technical standpoint; Manoj Reddy’s cinematography and color palette were fantastic, and Shakthi Kanth Karthick’s music is appropriate but might have been better, and the rest of the technical department is fine.
Finally, 9hours is a must-see series; if you enjoy thrillers, you must watch it.

Movie Rating: 3.5/ 5

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