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18 Pages Telugu Movie Review: Nikhil, whose movie Karthikeya 2 was a huge success, is back with a new love story called 18 Pages. 18 Pages has been in the news for a few days because of how well Karthikeya 2 did. It has an interesting plot and an all-star cast. One of the main reasons why people are excited is that Sukumar wrote the story and carried the huge expectations that the film has released. Let’s find out whether or not the movie is worth seeing.

18 Pages Telugu Movie Review


Nandini, played by Anupama Parameswaran, is the main character of the movie. She doesn’t use technology like a phone, Facebook, or Whatsapp, so she is the main character. Because of this, Sidharth falls in love with Nandini, but as things go on, he finds out that she has a rare illness that makes her forget things. When she finds out that she will lose her memories in a few days, she starts writing down what she does every day in a diary. On the 18th page of her diary, there’s a twist: she gets taken away and loses her memory. When Siddharth finds her using her diary, the rest of the story comes out.

Cast & Crew

The movie was written by Sukumar, directed by Palnati Surya Pratap, produced by Bunny Vasu, and also starred Nikhil Siddhartha and Anupama Parameswaran. The music was by Gopi Sundar, and A Vasanth was in charge of the cinematography. The work was put together by GA2 Pictures and Sukumar Writings. It was edited by Navin Nooli.

Movie Name18 Pages
DirectorPalnati Surya Pratap
Music DirectorGopi Sundar
ProducerGA2 Pictures & Sukumar Writings
GenreLove, Thriller
CastNikhil Siddhartha & Anupama Parameswaran, Sarayu
CinematographyA Vasanth

Movie Verdict

It starts off in an interesting way by setting up the worlds of the main characters. This is how Sukumar does introductions, and it’s a mark of his writing. The book then moves into its real setting, where two opposing minds eventually meet, and the gripping drama keeps us interested. Even though there were some loose ends in the first half, the story and the interesting people make it interesting. The love story in the first half was also well-written, and the twists during the intermission made us want to see the second half.

The second is very different from the first, which started with a funny love story and well-written dialogue. But after Nandini is taken, the second completely changes into a thriller. From then on, the racy screenplay and Siddharth’s discovery that she was using her diary pull the audience into the story and make them feel like they’re a part of it. The twists in the pre-climax and climax will definitely blow your mind. Overall, the first half is boring, but the second half is interesting.

Anupama, who plays Nandini, does a good job, and so does the rest of the cast. Her character needs a performance in both halves, which she does with ease. Part of Nikhil’s performance as Sidhaharth is good, even though some of it seems unnatural, but he really shone in other scenes.

Technically, 18 pages is enough, but there was a lot more that could have been done to make it better. The first half of A Vasanth’s movie has great cinematography, but when the story changes to a thriller in the second half, the pictures aren’t as good. Good work has been done by Gopi Sundar. A few of the songs were good. For the second half to keep up the suspense and thrills of the first, it needs a good background score.

The writing in 18 Pages is good, but Palnanti Surya Pratap only got half of the story across in an interesting way, failing to keep up the suspense and tension in the second half. Some of Sukumar’s fans think that he tells unique love stories that no one else has ever told. 18 Pages is also a unique love story, but after Kumari 21 F, he came up with a mix of a love story and a thriller that makes the movie unique.

Overall, 18 Pages is a unique love story with a touch of suspense that will appeal to everyone.

Plus Points:

  • Story
  • Screenplay
  • Twists

Minus Points:

  • Lack of emotion

Rating: 3/5

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