Avika Gor’s 10thClass Diaries Movie Review & Ratings | Hit or Flop?

10thClass Diaries Movie Review: Sriram and Avika Gor’s film 10thClass Diaries created hype before its release because the teaser and trailer look pretty cool and the trailer has grabbed the attention and carried these expectations the film has finally released today July 01, 2022, well the film has been getting some decent responses from the audiences as well as critics and without further delay, let’s know whether the film is worth watching or not.

10thClass Diaries Movie Review


10thClass Diaries follows Ram (Sri Ram) who has settled in the United States and lives a lavish lifestyle there. However, he soon realizes that he is unhappy with what he has and decides to reunite with his 10thClass friends as well as travel to India to meet his childhood friend Chandini (Avika Gor). The rest of the story is as follows.

Cast & Crew

Avika Gor, Srikanth (Sreeram), Srinivasa Reddy, Vennela Rama Rao, Naazar, Archana, and others star in 10thClass Diaries, which is directed by GarudaVega’ Anji, cinematography is by GarudaVega’ Anji, music is by Suresh Bobbili, and the film is produced by Achut Ramarao P and Raviteja Manyam.

Movie Name10thClass Diaries
DirectorGarudaVega’ Anji
Music DirectorSuresh Bobbili
ProducerAchut Ramarao P & Raviteja Manyam
CastAvika Gor, Srikanth (Sreeram), Srinivasa Reddy, Vennela Rama Rao, Naazar, Archana
EditorPrawin Pudi

Movie Verdict

The title 10thClass Diaries itself is the connecting point as 10th class is the most memorable period in everyone’s life for beautiful friendships, emotional bondings, and love stories this film captured all these so well and it will take you back to those time, but if we look at the film as a whole, the film has a lot of flaws, Hero finds happiness with his 10th class friends but once he lands in India the flow of the film becomes flat as the scenes
Sriram is a well-known Telugu actor, and after a long absence, he returned as a solo hero, and he is good, but the dialogue delivery could have been better. Avilka Gor has a great character as she is the soul of the film, and her character has been written so well that she has pulled it in half and the rest of the cast did well.
GarudaVega’ Anji makes an excellent argument by addressing all of the elements of the first class, but his writing could have been greater because he was only partially successful in engaging the audience.’
Technically, 10thClass Diaries is merely okay. GarudaVega’ Anji is also the cinematographer for the film, and he captured some of the most beautiful locations. Suresh Bobbili’s songs are okay, S. Chinna’s background score is not up to pace, and the rest of the technical departments performed admirably.
Finally, 10thClass Diaries is a nice attempt to watch, and if you want to recall your first-year recollections, you should give it a shot.

Rating: 3/5

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